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MJ Bartlett

907 S. Main St. Lillington, NC 27546

Licensed in NC

(910) 890-0353

MJ Bartlett

A common thread through my career has been a passion for good stewardship of our natural resources. As a Civil Engineer, I helped companies comply with environmental regulations and cleaned up hazardous waste sites. As a Farmer, I aimed to responsibly care for my livestock and the land beneath their feet. Service on my county Board of Adjustment, a zoning related board, deepened my understanding of the nuances of land use and solidified my belief in the value of up-front due diligence work.

A licensed North Carolina Real Estate Broker since 2006, I have enjoyed helping people realize their unique aspirations related to buying and selling residential and commercial properties as well as vacant land. Now leveraging my land use expertise, I advise my clients through the complexities of land transactions, whether it be for rural living, conservation, farming, timber, hunting and recreation, or development.

My husband John and I have been married over 31 years and are extremely proud of our two grown children, Jacob and Emma. We are avid birders and currently are enjoying transforming our farm into a pollinator-friendly landscape.

Whether you are buying or selling land in Central North Carolina or are just farm dreaming, please feel free to get in touch. I’m glad to walk you through the possibilities!

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